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Working with theory in social research


30 May 2017

A student in a school on the remote northern tip of Australia receives lessons in reading using material developed by a publishing house that operates out of New York. The lessons are intended to improve performance on a national test produced by an assessment regulator based in a capital city more than 3000km away. The test is marked by a global educational business that operates out of London, producing evaluations that compare the academic performance of differentially situated individual students, schools, communities, states and nations. In assessing the experiences of young people in this school, how might place and context be mapped and described? What are the implications for ethnographers seeking to understand relationships of space-time-discourses-matter-bodies? Donna Haraway (1997) and others have critiqued processes that treat these material-social practices as real things inside containers. Drawing primarily upon the work of Karen Barad (2007), the presenters of this workshop will consider the implications for ethnographers of dislocating a container model of space and the Cartesian division of subject/object, and explore the possibilities that emerge for reconceptualising dynamics of power and possibility when researching educational inequality.

  • Barad, K. M. (2007). Meeting the universe halfway: quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • Haraway, D. J. (1997). Modest₋Witness@Second₋Millennium.FemaleMan₋Meets₋OncoMouse: feminism and technoscience; with paintings by Lynn M. Randolph. New York; London: Routledge

Event details

  • When: 4–6pm

  • Where: Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
    Education Building A35
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  • Cost: Free

  • RSVP: RSVP by emailing the research student liaison officer.

  • Contact: Research Student Liaison officer
    T: +61 2 9351 6268

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  • Speakers: Debra Hayes is Associate Professor of School Leadership, Management and School Partnership with Sydney School of Education and Social Work. She is also director of the Education I, II, III and IV programs. Dr Hayes's area of research is equity in education, especially as it is influenced by pedagogical and leadership practices. Her current projects include an ARC-funded investigation into increasing school retention rates through the provision of alternative schooling.

    Debra Talbot is a lecturer at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, where she is also co-director of Professional Experience. She has worked as a classroom teacher for more than 20 years, as well as head of department in the government and independent sectors and professional learning consultant. Her areas of research interest are teacher education, teacher professional learning, social justice, curriculum and pedagogy, particularly in relation to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

    Eve Mayes is currently a lecturer in pedagogy and curriculum at Deakin University. She completed her PhD in Education at the University of Sydney in 2016. Eve was formerly an English and English-as-a-Second-Language teacher in NSW public comprehensive secondary schools, where she initiated a ‘students-as-co-researchers’ in-school reform initiative in 2010 in collaboration with Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith. Her classroom was one of the case studies in the "Teachers for a Fair Go" research conducted by Western Sydney University.

Working with theory in social research

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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30 May 2017

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