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Social Justice Seminar Series


3 October 2017

A joint presentation by the Sydney School of Education and Social Work Social Policy, and School and Teacher Education Policy research networks

What do we mean when we talk about social justice and how should we proceed?

Terms such as, “social justice”, “diversity”, “equity” and “inclusion” are in common use in universities, but they are not always used with clarity or precision. Sometimes they describe well-developed plans and actions. Occasionally they represent little more than progressive chic. In any case it is time for some serious examination of what we mean when we talk about social justice – and of how we might attempt to act in socially just ways. This series of fortnightly seminars aims to deepen our collective understanding of social justice by addressing a range of pressing problems from teaching, research and community engagement in the areas of education and social work. The presentations will be critical and questioning, and hopefully push beyond the language of feel-good vision statements in order to encourage hard thinking and serious agenda setting about the practices and politics of inequality.

Ego death in the social justice classroom

Denial, displacement, defensiveness. These are three common responses from students in classrooms that invite critical reflection on intersecting axes of structural injustice. Drawing from insights in existential and Buddhist psychologies, the presenter will reflect on how intersectional analyses in teacher-education classrooms may precipitate “ego death”, especially for those whose identities are tied up with “being a good person”. He will then consider the promise of contemplative practices in social justice classrooms that may provide students with the skills needed to relinquish the benevolent ego toward a more critical understanding of our entanglement with the conditions that produce social suffering.Presenter: Remy Low

Integrating human rights into teaching pedagogy – an embodied approach

This presentation will investigate how teaching and learning about human-rights law can be embedded into a university curriculum for preservice teachers. Fundamental to this work is an understanding of the humanising, participatory, motivating and practical approach that can be achieved through embodied learning. Research in this field is strongly linked to attitudinal and behavioural change. The paper will discuss opportunities within existing units of work and/or the development of specific units of work using pedagogy that will develop cultural citizenship, interconnectedness and widespread participation (Stevenson, 2010 p. 276) to develop students’ professional and ethical identity through embodied learning.Presenter: Alison O'Grady

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Social Justice Seminar Series

Where Room 612, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney
Education Building A35
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3 October 2017

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