Glebe Pathways Project

"The model serves kids well
    who have been served least by the system"

The Glebe Pathways Project offers an alternative educational program and curriculum that is designed to re-engage students in the Glebe area, including students from its Indigenous community, who have dropped out of education without completing their School Certificate.

As part of the program, students attend Sydney Secondary College and undertake a parallel curriculum that is founded on broad education principles. The innovative curriculum covers high school curriculum outcomes but through a "Learning Through Interest" (LTI) model. Staff and teachers that work on the project have all developed strong relationships with the students and their community. As one of the teachers on the program observed: ‘kids don’t care unless they know how much you care’. Trust has therefore been central to the success of the program.

Of the 24 students that have completed the program all have gone on to do additional training, education and employment. The project has completed an evaluation using an adaptation of the Dusseldorf Skills Forum Self-evaluation tool. This evaluation identified a range of educational and social benefits attributable to the program.

The model serves kids well who have been served least by the system but also works well with gifted children, optimising the educational and vocational potential of participating students.

The project is a partnership between:

All partners are enthusiastic to build upon its success and are seeking funding for its continuation.