Scholarships and prizes

Current and prospective students at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work may be eligible for scholarships, fellowships, awards and prizes.

These scholarships are awarded either automatically on the basis of results (for example, in specific units of study) or after application and assessment against the specific criteria that apply.

As well as those prizes that are exclusive to the school, students are also eligible for many awards available to all students in the University (see the Scholarships Office website.)

An up-to-date list of centrally administered scholarships that are open for applications is published by the University and is available at

Scholarships and prizes celebration

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work holds a Scholarships, Awards and Prizes event each year in July to celebrate its award recipients and recognise the valuable contribution made by the school donors and benefactors.

This event also provides an opportunity for the award recipients and benefactors and donors to meet personally. We encourage participation in this event and there is an expectation that award recipients will make every effort to attend the event in the year of their award. Photographs of each year's winners from 2009 to 2017 can be viewed by clicking on the relevant menu item at the left-hand side of this page.