Professional Experience Portfolio

The Professional Experience Portfolio provides a structure through which pre-service teachers in all courses are able to document any educational work they undertake that is additional to the requirements of their particular course. A summary of this work in the form of a certificate from the Office of Professional Experience can be obtained for employment purposes. This is a voluntary service offered to pre-service teachers to both encourage their broader professional development and to provide a means of documenting relevant work experience.

The details of this program are contained within the Professional Experience Portfolio Handbook (pdf, 349kB), which also contains suggested educational experiences that can be logged, and guidelines for documentation and verification of relevant educational work. Students can download a Letter of Introduction (pdf, 77kB) to use in approaching possible sources of relevant work experience.

Each Log Form (pdf containing editable fields, 81kB) of a work experience needs to be substantiated by details of the work supervisor, their contact number and signature. In general, each Log Form will cover at a minimum 10 hours' educational work.

To record work experiences for your portfolio, signed Log Forms need to be presented to Alex Hector at the Professional Experience Office (room 604). Details will be entered into the data base and, at the end of the year or in each student's final semester, a certificate verifying total hours logged into the portfolio can then be obtained from the office.

Any enquiries concerning the portfolio should be addressed to the Director of Professional Experience, Dr Di Bloomfield.