Determining the grades

Overall grade

Satisfied requirements (R) and Fail (F)

As mentioned in the introduction to this section and on the previous page, the overall grading for any Professional Experience undertaken by a preservice teacher enrolled with the school must be either "R" (satisfied requirements) or "F" (fail), and this assessment is based on achievement across all outcomes, standards or focus areas listed in the relevant final report form for the placement.

Unless the requirement for each outcome is achieved by the end of the placement in every stage of an Early Childhood program – and for each standard or focus area in the final-year (graduating) Professional Experience in primary and secondary programs – the overall grade for the placement must be recorded as F on the final report. Provided the placement has included sufficient opportunities to meet the expectations listed on the relevant report form, primary and secondary preservice teachers need to be need to be "developed" across all standards and focus areas; early-childhood preservice teachers need to be rated as "satisfactory" for all outcomes.

For a final report for any preservice teacher not in their final year of studies, achievement in relation to individual outcomes, standards and focus areas should be recorded as S (early-childhood preservice) or D (all other programs) – or in a few cases WT/PD – for an overall grade of R.

A R grade is one in which there is adequate performance overall in each of the areas of the report. Whilst there may be some standards or focus areas that require further development, should there be major weaknesses in one or more major area, the preservice teacher will be advantaged by being graded F and thus required to undertake a repeat placement (except in cases of exclusion from a Professional Experience provider). Therefore, preservice teachers should not be graded as R if they have significant problems, on the assumption that these problems may be remedied in Professional Experience components undertaken at a later stage/year in their program.

Grades used to rate specific outcomes/standards/criteria

Possible grades used in different programs final report forms

•  Early Childhood
   (all stages)
•  Non-Graduating Preservice Teacher
•  DipEd (Aboriginal)
•  BEd (Sec:AbStud) Year 3 and Year 4
•  Graduating Teacher

U (unsatisfactory)

ND (not developed)

ND (not developed)

WT (working towards)

PD (partially developed)

D (developed)

S (satisfactory)

D (developed)

EE (exceeds expectation)

When to use each grade

  • U/ND – is appropriate when the preservice teacher has been given the opportunity to demonstrate achievement appropriate to their professional stage with respect to the area of practice but has not been able to do so.

  • WT/PD – is appropriate within an Early-Childhood mid report or Non-Graduating Teacher Report to indicate that, with support, progress has occurred across the placement but additional effort in a subsequent Professional Experience needs to be directed to this area of practice.

  • S/D – is appropriate when a preservice teacher has demonstrated achievement of an outcome/standard/focus area to a level expected for their professional stage.

  • EE – is an available grade only on the Graduate Preservice Teacher Report (pdf, 251kB). It is appropriate for demonstration of teaching capacity beyond that expected at graduate level.

How the grades in different areas contribute to the overall assessment

Thus in addition to the overall grade for the Professional Experience completed, each report gives the opportunity to indicate the level of achievement of each outcome, standard or focus area. The report should indicate areas in which further development is needed as well as areas in which the preservice teacher has exceeded expectations. An overall F grade would be awarded when a significant number of outcomes, standards or focus areas have been assessed as WT/PD or U/ND, when opportunities to demonstrate capacity in these areas has been available.

Any Need for Additional Support Notification (pdf, 84kB) filed in reference to a particular preservice teacher during their placement should indicate areas that are either WT/PD or U/ND. If the notification is subsequently followed by an F in the final report, this indicates that further development has not occurred in identified standards despite the opportunity to demonstrate improvement being provided.

The report completed by the supervising teacher/s at the end of a placement needs to be discussed with the preservice teacher prior to them signing this document. Often the report is also guided by discussions with the tertiary mentor who – in the case of Aboriginal Studies programs – will also file a tertiary mentor's report (pdf, 416kB). All final reports should be consistent with issues raised in ongoing discussion between the supervising teacher/s and the preservice teacher during the Professional Experience, as well as in tertiary-mentor discussions.

Preservice teachers who receive an F grade and who wish to appeal must do so in accordance with Academic Board resolutions. In the first instance, they should arrange a meeting with the Director of Professional Experience to discuss their appeal. For further information about the appeals process, refer to Resolutions of the Senate and the Academic Board (Student appeals against academic decisions) and related information published by the Student Affairs Unit.