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Professional Experience (practice teaching) is integral to the two-year graduate-entry Master of Teaching (School Counselling). Professional Experience placements commence in Year 1 in both instances, culminating in, respectively, a six- and nine-week internship in the final semester of study.

The faculty is continually building and sustaining partnerships with schools that offer Professional Experience placements. One of the major advantages of becoming a placement school it that the faculty offers free enrolment for teacher-mentors (internship supervisors) in Professional Learning opportunities organised by the faculty. Such courses and seminars are prioritised by the faculty as ways of strengthening the effectiveness of practising teachers in mentoring our preservice students.

Master of Teaching

In 2016, the Professional Experience program for students undertaking the two-year MTeach (School Counselling) degree comprises:

  Extent of professional experience Dates

Year 1
Counselling placement 1

a 20-day block during Semester Two

22 August to 16 September 2016

Year 2
Teaching placement 1

Counselling placement 2

Teaching placement 2

a 20-day block in Semester One

a 20-day block in Semester Two

a 25-day internship in Semester Two

2 May to 27 May 2016

18 July to 12 August 2016

22 August to 23 September 2016