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Friday 7 March 2008

Overall body dissatisfaction in children and adolescents has increased dramatically in the last few decades, with heightened prevalence of dieting, eating disorders, obsessive exercise and steroid abuse. Issues related to obesity and healthy lifestyles are now national concerns.

This timely conference will allow teachers to explore and develop a planned approach to these issues in an informed, positive and effective manner for body sensitive young people.

Following the successful 2005 Body Image Conference, and the recent publication of Dr Jennifer O’Dea’s latest book, Everybody’s Different (2007), this conference will detail how to apply a proven self-esteem approach in schools, community settings and clinical situations to improve body image conceptions, prevent eating disorders and obesity, and foster health, nutrition and physical activity in young people. The program will include formal presentations and practical workshops along with opportunities for discussion.

Participants will receive a copy of Jenny O'Dea's teaching and resource book Everybody’s Different (2007) as part of their conference package.

About the presenter
Associate Professor Jenny O'Dea is a dietician, health and nutrition education researcher and Senior Lecturer in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. She is an Associate Editor for Health Education Research, has written three books on child nutrition and health, and is conducting two Australian Research Council studies about food habits, physical activity, sport, growth, pubertal development, body image and weight issues among children and adolescents.

Fee: $200 GST inclusive
(Cost includes a copy of Everybody’s Different) Discounted rate available for two or more registrations from one institution.

Registration: Download flyer and registration form (pdf, 437kB)

Enquiries: please email Conference Coordinator , or phone 02 9351 6329.