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Game sense for teaching and coaching

kids on climbing challengeThursday, November 7, 2013 | 9am–5pm |
Cost: $275 per person (includes GST, lunch and morning tea)

In physical education and the coaching of sporting activities, games-based teaching and coaching presents an exciting alternative to technique-focused instruction. The 'games' approach turns traditional teaching and coaching on its head by focusing on the game instead of reducing it to its component parts. Instead of having to learn the techniques of a sport, students and players learn them in the game through the use of modified games and game-like activities.

Over the past decade or so there has been ever-increasing interest in game sense and other game-based approaches. Beginning in 2001, with the first International Teaching Games for Understanding Conference (TGfU) in Plymouth, New Hampshire, US, attendances at these regular international conferences has been consistently strong. Conferences in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Vancouver and the UK have drawn together academics and practitioners to share and develop ideas for game-based teaching and coaching. These large events have been augmented by seminars at global conferences such as the annual AIESEP [International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education] World Congress and some smaller conferences with a more regional focus such as at The University of Sydney in 2006.

The Game Sense Conference 2013 at The University of Sydney will continue this regionally focused tradition to meet, share and develop research and practice in game-based approaches. It will also offer an ideal lead up to the TGfU seminar at the AIESEP World Congress in Auckland, New Zealand February 2014.

The Sydney conference will feature some of the leading figures in game-based approaches to teaching and coaching in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. Most importantly it provides a forum in which academics and practitioners can meet, engage in dialogue, learn and develop the teaching of games and sport in a collaborative environment.

Download draft program (pdf, 61kB)

Keynote speaker

  • Professor Richard Light, School of Health Sciences, University of Ballarat
    "Game sense as a model for delivering quality teaching and coaching" ... view abstract

Invited international feature speakers

  • Associate Professor Adrian Turner
    College of Education and Human Development, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, US ... view biography

  • Dr Joan Fry
    Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, National Institute of Education, Singapore ... view biography

  • Associate Professor Naoki Suzuki
    Faculty of Arts and Sports Sciences, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan ... view biography


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