Motivational interviewing for enhancing change talk

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Recently updated to include all the latest advancements from the 3rd Edition of Miller and Rollnick’s (2013) Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change, this series of workshops focuses on conversations for change.

"Motivational interviewing" is a collaborative, goal-oriented style of communication designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to change. It is a person-centred, guided method for evoking change talk and enhancing intrinsic motivation. It is a model to describe how people change certain health-related behaviours (such as stopping smoking or starting physical activity) and examines an individual’s own fears and difficulties in order to resolve the issue.

Participants will develop an understanding of motivational interviewing and key strategies. Practitioners who have participated in earlier workshops could also benefit from engaging with the developments in theory and practice.

Two-and-a-half-day workshop series

Half-day introduction | Monday, 17 November | 9.30am–1pm

Two-day intensive workshop series | Tuesday & Wednesday, 18 & 19 November | 9am–4pm

The workshop program will explore motivational interviewing in detail, providing practical techniques to resolve ambivalence. Day 1 will develop further understandings and begin an exploration of the use of the technique. Day 2 will focus on enhancing skills and strategies. The format will include formal presentations and practical workshop activities with opportunities for discussion. The focus will be on interactive delivery where individuals practice techniques within the sessions.

Presenter: Dr Kate Russell

Fees and enquiries

$572 per person (incl. GST)

Nina Goodwin | T: 02 9351 6329 | E: