Studies and Reports

New Directions in Schools Funding

by Jim McMorrow and Lyndsay Connors, March 2010
This report places the entitlement of all students to quality teaching as the centrepiece of schools funding reform. The purpose of this independent study is to contribute to informed public debate on a key and sensitive policy issue in Australia in the run-up to the review of schools funding the Commonwealth has announced for 2011.

Download the full report New Directions in Schools Funding. A Proposed Model (700KB PDF 108 pages)
Download Chapter 6: The Funding Model (150KB PDF 20 pages)
Download the Executive Summary (54KB PDF 4 pages)

Reports on AGQTP

Download Report on AGQTP: Taking Professional Standards into Practice (2009) Project (250KB PDF 27 pages)
by Daniel Brooks & Robyn Ewing, April 2010

Download Meta Analysis of Quality Teaching Action Learning Project 2003–2009 (979KB PDF 74 pages)
by Robyn Ewing, Susan Groundwater-Smith, Nicole Mockler, Tony Loughland, Alyson Simpson, David Smith, Jenni Way, Ann Cheryl Armstrong & Daniel Brooks, 2010

Download Action Learning: What Works? (475KB PDF 93 pages)
by Peter Aubusson, Laurie Brady & Steve Dinham, July 2005

Download Final Report. Evaluative Inquiry into the Sustainability of Professional Learning Through School-Based Action Learning (Sydney and Wollongong Universities for AGQTP) (442KB PDF 132 pages)
by Garry Hoban, Tony Herrington, Lisa Kervin, Robyn Ewing, Judy Anderson & David Smith, April 2005

Download Teachers As Learners. Australian Government Quality Teacher Program Action Learning for School Teams Project Evaluation Report (463KB PDF 97 pages)
by Robyn Ewing, David Smith, Michael Anderson, Robyn Gibson & Jackie Manuel, June 2004