Diploma in Language Teaching

Programs for Community Langauges Schools – 2013 Archive

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Are you an experienced teacher? Have you completed the Certificate in Language Teaching and want to do something more? The University of Sydney is planning to offer a Diploma in Language Teaching in 2014, designed for experienced teachers of community and heritage languages.

The course

Topics covered will include advanced classroom skills and classroom-behaviour management, ICT, helping other teachers, working with parents and developing effective programs.

Q. How will the course run?

A. The course will involve some 60 hours made up of face-to-face sessions in school holidays, as well as online and other methods of distance study.

Q. What are some of the assessment tasks?

A. Assessment is practical. The main tasks will be to develop a program and units of work for your school and compose a plan for your own future professional learning.

Q. What do I get from the course?

A. Graduates will be awarded a Diploma in Language Teaching from the Office of Professional Learning, Sydney School of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney.

Register your interest


We are accepting expressions of interest from prospective students for the course in 2014. If you want to be kept up-to-date, click on the link.

Questions about the course should be emailed to: commlang@sydney.edu.au.
Information is also available by telephoning +61 2 9036 5074.