Certificate in Leadership and Management

Being a community language school principal or on a management committee is much harder than it seems. You need skills in people management, financial planning and also academic leadership – knowing about teaching and learning language.

The course

The University of Sydney is planning to offer a Certificate in Leadership and Management designed specifically for community languages school principals, executive and management committee. The course will cover all aspects of setting up and running a community languages school: finding, employing and supporting teachers, working with parents and developing programs.

Q. How will the course run?

A. The course will involve some 60 hours made up of face-to-face sessions in school holidays, as well as online and other methods of distance study.

Q. What support will I have?

A. You will be assigned a ‘mentor’ – an experienced school principal – to advise and help you.

Q. Can other people from my school attend?

A. Only principals of community languages schools can enrol, however, in most schools different people deal with financial management and other issues, so it is possible to have more than one person complete different parts of the course.

Q. What are the assessment tasks?

A. Assessment is practical. The main task is preparing a plan for your school and solving management problems you identify either as a result of the course or during your studies.

Q. Who can do the course?

A. You must be a principal of NSW DoE-funded community languages school to enrol in the course. You do not need to have previous university qualifications.

Register your interest

We are accepting expressions of interest from prospective students. If you want to be kept up-to-date, click on the link above. Questions about the course should be emailed to: commlang@sydney.edu.au.
Information is also available by telephoning +61 2 9036 5074.