Certificate in Language Teaching

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The course

The Certificate in Language Teaching works from teachers’ knowledge, experience and needs. It takes into account differences between languages. It covers all aspects of classroom teaching, assessment and behaviour management, as well as teaching languages. It caters for teachers with all types of educational backgrounds, especially those who have been away from study. There is a focus on building on experience, with classroom observations in day/community-languages schools and use of practical video clips and classroom activities.

The program offers new ideas for how to teach reading and writing; ways to interest and motivate students; techniques for classroom behaviour management; ideas on how to teach mixed abilities; and the use of games, songs and activities.

It is hoped that this version of the Certificate in Language Teaching curriculum will be introduced especially to cater for prospective and current teachers of community languages who are ineligible for enrolment in the DoE-funded program, in particular, prospective students who:

Key features

  • lesson observations – time in a day school 'shadowing' teachers and observing lessons

  • progressive assessments from short reports and case studies to the production of resources, lesson plans and activities.

Q. Who can do the course?

A. Anyone interested in gaining a qualification in teaching community or heritage languages.

Q. How will the course run?

A. The course will likely be offered online, supplemented by possible face-to-face sessions.

Register your interest

We are accepting expressions of interest from prospective students. If you want to be kept up-to-date, click on the link above. Questions about the course should be emailed to: commlang@sydney.edu.au. Information is also available by telephoning +61 2 9036 5074.