Programs for community languages schools

Professional development for teachers in community languages schools

The incredibly popular Certificate in Language Teaching will run again in 2019. The course has been delivered by The University of Sydney on behalf of the NSW Department of Education since 2011. In 2019 we will again also host a Diploma in Language Teaching for teachers who have completed the certificate. The diploma will be a targeted program resulting from extensive consultation with past certificate students and community languages schools. The course content, as well as the modes of delivery, supports the work and professional development of teacher in community languages schools. And, after being offered for the first time in 2018 – also funded for approved students by the NSW Department of Education – the Certificate in Leadership and Management will operate again in 2019, targeting management-committee members and principals of community language schools.

Certificate in Language Teaching

NSW DoE-funded students

A free 60-hour training course for people currently teaching in NSW DoE-funded community languages schools. Designed to help participants become more effective language teachers. This course runs annually.

Diploma in Language Teaching

NSW DoE-funded students

A free course, delivered in online/face-to-face mixed mode. The program has been specifically designed for experienced teachers seeking higher qualifications after completing the Certificate in Language Teaching or equivalent studies.

NEW  Certificate in Leadership and Management

NSW DoE-funded students

Covering people-management, financial planning and academic leadership, this course caters for principals and management-committee members of community languages schools.