Children's Literature K–6

Module 1 (EDPG5011)

Blended mode: 10-hours' face-to-face + 10-hours' reading/online activities

Literature is often overlooked as an artform. This module examines the critical role that literature can and should play in the lives and imaginations of young children and adolescents (K–6); the importance of children's personal, aesthetic and socially critical responses to literary texts; and the role of literary texts in developing particular kinds of literacy practices.

In this module we will explore a range of questions including:

  • What are the characteristics of quality literary texts?

  • What are the practical and theoretical issues surrounding the use of literary texts (picture books, novels, short stories, poetry) for children and adolescents in today's primary and secondary classrooms?

  • How does new media impact on narrative?

This module will involve discussion of participants' wide and close reading of a range of children's literature and of the recent theory and research relating the characteristics of such texts to the classroom practicalities of literacy pedagogy.


Bill Spence and Robyn Ewing

Fees and registration

In 2017, each module cost $770 per person (including GST). This fee is under review but may be taken as indicative until further details are known. Individual schools – or communities of schools – that can guarantee a minimum of 20 participants and agree to provide the venue for the workshops, should contact the Office of Professional Learning to discuss a reduced rate.

Session outline

Session 1: The role of the arts in learning and literature as an artform
Session 2: Choosing quality literary texts for the classroom
Session 3: Responding to literature
Session 4: Literature and the Australian Curriculum
Session 5: Exploring visual literacy through picture books


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