Comparative and International Education

Original CoInEd Network members

The Comparative and International Education research network (CoInEd) brings together scholars working in the field of comparative and international education. Using innovative methodologies in cross-cultural research, critical policy studies, critical discourse analysis, and postcolonial critique, its members study globalisation, internationalisation, citizenship, identities, and aid and international development relating to education. The network provides a collaborative space for research partnerships, encouraging interdisciplinary connections and joint activities in these areas.

Together, network members’ research experience and publications represent a wide geopolitical reach encompassing nations across South East Asia and the Pacific – including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vanuatu – as well as Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Switzerland. Network members from outside the Sydney School of Education and Social Work have published the results of their research in yet more countries, including Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

Reach of CoInEd

The network has strong existing research ties to international and national academic and research institutions. Members have also been active in engaging in pragmatic and policy-oriented work, including building partnerships with numerous agencies working in the area of international education, aid and development (government and non-government), as well as investigating the effects of policy in practice, and the practicalities of cross-cultural education.

Aims of CoInEd

The CoInEd research network aims to advance research and collaborations addressing contemporary education issues within Australia that are influenced by a range of external drivers. In times of shifting domestic politics, how are the principles of equity and social justice in education shaped within Australian social policy? CoInEd scholars are committed to understanding issues of diversity and disadvantage that focus on ethnicity, gender, geographic isolation, poverty and Aboriginality.