Introduction to the institute's research

The institute’s research agenda will focus primarily on understanding open adoption practice in Australia and how to embed the best interests of children and young people in adoption policy and practice. Where young children cannot live with their families or kin, adoption can be a way of providing a stable, nurturing, safe home for life.

Fields of research

The institute will pursue an active, practice-research partnership with a focus on:

  • Children and family – to examine what are the best approaches to assist children, birth parents and adoptive parents before, during and post-adoption

  • Open adoption practice – to equip practitioners with the understanding and tools that support good practice in open adoption

  • Role of the courts and judiciary – to expand the understanding of legislation and court procedures in open adoption, including opportunities for improvement.

Advisory group

A non-executive advisory group will be established to provide advice and guidance to the institute's director. The advisory group will be comprised of members spanning a range of perspectives and expertise in open adoption, including:

  • expert researchers and practitioners

  • adopted children (including those adopted prior to 1980)

  • biological and adoptive parents

  • the judiciary, legal practitioners, and social historians.