Our purpose

The need for security in all its forms (such as, food security, security of tenure, secure attachment) and the search for meaning, are universal human drivers, not limited to children who are not able to live with their biological families. It is precisely these children in the care system, however, who have often been subjected to the insecurities of temporary placements, temporary attachments, and the vagaries of political and professional ideology in decision-making concerning permanency.

By actively researching the factors influencing adoptions in Australia, we hope to understand more about the different pathways to permanent placement for children to support decision making within a child’s developmental time frame.

Strategic vision

The institute’s strategic vision is to bring about a positive change in the culture, policy, and practice of permanency planning in NSW so that open adoption is seen as a realistic, credible, and evidence-based option that provides a safe home for life for greater numbers of suitable children in NSW. The sole focus of the institute will be for children who have been permanently removed from the care of parents by children’s courts within NSW.