School and Teacher Education Policy

Welcome to the homepage of the School and Teacher Education Policy research network (STEPRN) at the University of Sydney. We believe that faculties of education should be at the forefront of public-policy research, discussion and critique in school education.

A key aim of the network is to capitalise on existing work in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney by creating a new space for the sharing, dissemination and discussion of research, scholarship and practitioner expertise and by encouraging the building of new capacity. We believe that as education academics and teacher educators we should do everything we can to apply our expertise to policy analysis, policy debate and policy making.

Objectives of STEPRN

The rationale for the STEPRN is informed by policy critique as well as drawing on work which has a more applied focus, including the kind of policy research, evaluation and reporting that is carried out by academics with and for government and non-government education organisations. A focus on methodology and approach will comprise part of our capacity-building agenda.

Among the main areas of research are:

  • policy for equity and social justice

  • curriculum and assessment

  • quality teaching and teacher education

  • parent and community engagement and public school autonomy

  • policy implementation in schools and higher-education institutions.

STEP Research Network activities

The network hosts regular workshops and seminars with leading education policy scholars from Australia and further afield. The details of upcoming seminars, are available from the events page.