Arts, English and Literacy Education Research Network postgraduate students

Student Supervisor Research area

Linzy Brady

Dr John A Hughes

Dr Jacqueline Manuel

The teaching of Shakespeare in secondary schools in Sydney and London through a study of teachers' principles, practices and perceptions and focusing on performance based approaches

Maxine Broughton

Dr Jacqueline Manuel

Boys and reading

Ruen Chew

Dr John A Hughes

Drama education and character development

Linda Hodson

Professor Robyn Ewing

The poetics of relatedness: the aesthetic presence in quality pedagogy

Linda Lorenza

Dr John A Hughes

Dr Michael Anderson

The effect of Shakespearean storytelling in Indigenous learning communities, through the observation, recording and identification of effective processes in the Bell Shakespeare Education program when presented in remote Australian schools with high Indigenous student populations

Lea Mai

Dr Robyn Gibson

Capturing children's voices about their aesthetic experiences in an art museum

Kelli McGraw

Professor Peter Freebody

Stage 6 English curriculum reform

Kirsty McGeoch

Dr John A Hughes

Digital storytelling for connecting people, culture and language through process drama

John Montgomery

Dr Michael Anderson

Associate Professor Craig Campbell

An investigation into censorship in secondary educational drama, examining, in particular, the extent and basis for censorship in the HSC drama curriculum and in performances of dramatic works in secondary Christian schools in NSW

Rachel Nolde

Dr Alyson Simpson

Times of change in literature and literacy: a content analysis of children's and adults' choices for Picturebook of the Year awards

Giovanni Piccolo

Dr Jacqueline Manuel

Investigating the guiding factors behind teacher selection of fiction for the junior secondary English classroom

Linden Wilkinson

Dr Michael Anderson

Dr John A Hughes

Unfinished business - creating performance through two-way learning