Professor John Cleverley

John is a former Pro Dean of the Faculty of Education (before it was enlarged and enriched by the addition of the School of Social Work from the Faculty of Arts). He first visited China in 1972 as a member of the first study tour conducted there by Australian UNESCO Education Committee chair, Faculty of Education professor Bill Connell.

After returning, the group formed the predecessor of the China Education Centre – the Sydney University China Education Society (SUCES) – which published several books, circulated newsletters, and arranged subsequent visits to China

In 1974, when SUCES hosted the first group of Chinese scholars to come to Australia, John billeted one of them at home. His academic interests in China were complemented by his responsibility to teach the faculty's course in Comparative and International Education, culminated in two books: The Schooling of China, and In the Lap of Tigers – the Communist Labour University of Jiangxi Province. His other fields of interest are the history of education and ideas, and Indigenous education.