Social Policy Research Network members

The SPRN membership includes staff of the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, and individuals from other government and community organisations.

Faculty members

Member Areas of expertise

Network co-convenor


Network co-convenor


Professor Derrick Armstrong

history of education; special education; sociology of education; policy studies; children and families; young people; disabilities; cultural differences

Dr Dorothy Bottrell

young people; practice with communities; teaching and learning

Patrick Brownlee


Dr Amanda Elliot

restructuring of work and welfare; history of the Australian welfare state; language and metaphor in policy making; Australian health policy

Professor Peter Freebody

literacy education; curriculum

Associate Professor Janet George

policy studies; ageing; health

Roslyn Giles

social work practice, professional experiences, field education, skills & practice teaching

Dr Susan Goodwin

policy studies; gender; the welfare state; community capacity building

Deborah Hart

policy studies; social work practice; social work field education

Dr Kate Huppatz

Classed and gendered practices in the field of caring work

Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang

comparative development of welfare states; social policy in a development context; comparative analysis of welfare states in East Asia; politics of social policy

Dr Jude Irwin

violence against women and children; discrimination against lesbians and gay men; social work education; community development and community participation

Suin Jung


Dr Lesley Laing

domestic violence; child sexual assault; sexual assault

Denise Lynch

children and families; violence groupwork; health; organisation and management studies; social work practice teaching; cultural differences; professional learning

Dr Lindsey Napier

social work; end-of-life; health and mental health; ageing

Dr Ruth Phillips

secondary TAS/D&T education; social work professional experiences; social policy; ageing; violence

Dr Rosalie Pockett

social work practice in health care;  interprofessional learning; new graduate social workers; occupational culture of social work.

Dr Gaby Ramia

international social policy and the role of international NGOs and transnational corporations; contractualism, public management and employment services; the relationship between industrial relations regulation and social policies

Dr Margot Rawsthorne

practice with communities; policy studies; research methods; organisation and management studies

Dr Fran Waugh

eLearning; professional experiences; policy studies; social work practice; ageing; children and families; violence; social work field education

Non-faculty members

Member Organisation

Robin Banks

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

Carol Berry

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

Michael Cain

Law and Justice Foundation

Marcia Cunningham

Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services

Jarryd Daymond

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

Suzanne Egan

Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services

Suzie Forell

Law and Justice Foundation

Elissa Freeman

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

Abigail Gray

Law and Justice Foundation

Anne Grunseit

Law and Justice Foundation

Patrick Kerlin

Barnardos Australia

Catherine Mahony

NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS)

Emily McCarron

Law and Justice Foundation

Annette Michaux

The Benevolent Society

Anton Mischewski

The Centre for Volunteering

Emily Price

Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC)

Eliza Pross

Community Care, Northern Beaches

Stephanie Taplin

Centre for Parenting and Research, NSW DoCS