TESOL Research Network members

The TESOL Research Network is organised by a number of academic staff from the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. The roles and responsibilities of each network member are outlined below. Please follow the links to the individual profiles for each staff member.

Position School member Responsible for

Network director

Professor Brian Paltridge

  • Grouping staff and students into research groups
  • Overseeing staff/student research activities
  • Overseeing promotion of the network
  • Organising the publishing working group for TESOL staff and students

Senior staff

Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank


Associate Professor David Hirsh

  • Academic writing support
  • University of Sydney Papers in TESOL

Dr Aek Phakiti

  • The TESOL research network colloquium

Dr Kathleen Rushton


Dr Marie Stevenson

  • The postgraduate student writing program.
  • University of Sydney Papers in TESOL

Honorary Senior Lecturer Lindy Woodrow

  • The workshop series for staff and students

Honorary Professor Jack C Richards


Associate Professor Hui Zhong Shen