TESOL Research Network postgraduate students

student Supervisor Thesis topic

Sarah Bedford

Professor Brian Paltridge

A critical perspective on English as an international language of business

Jen Cope

Dr Marie Stevenson

The global financial crisis: an analysis of written and spoken texts produced at the outset of the crisis.

Neil England

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Intercultural dialogue with Indonesian state sector language teacher educators on the epistemology of their practice.

Ruth Fielding

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Dr Marie Stevenson

Negotiations of identity in a bilingual primary school

Mercurius Goldstein

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Negotiating 'top-down' implementation of target language as the medium of instruction for Korean-speaking TESOL teachers.

Abdul Hadi

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Pre-service English teacher education in Indonesia: an exploration of pre-service English teacher education curriculum in secular and Islamic public universities in Sumatra

Chien Yi (Monica) Jan

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Dr Lindy Woodrow

Evaluation of the effectiveness of bilingual education and English-only immersion on children's language development

Marlene Lebreton

Dr Nigel Fraser Bagnall

Second-language teaching within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. A comparative study of the International School of Paris (France) and St Paul's Grammar School (NSW, Australia)

Jian Xin Liu

Professor Brian Paltridge

Language, identity and blogging in China

Harits Masduqi

Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank

Critical thinking skills used by Asia Pacific students in Australia.

Warren Matsuoka

Dr David Hirsh

Vocabulary development in an EFL context: defining a model for China.

Elaine Ng

Dr Marie Stevenson

Formulation processes and metacognition of biliterate, bilingual and monoliterate writers: from thinking to writing in English and Chinese

Janica Nordstrom

Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank

The effect of community language schools online learning environments on the family domain

Susan Oguro

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Scaffolded teacher talk: a study of foreign language teachers' uses of multiple languages with beginner-level learners

Gillian Pennington

Professor Peter Freebody

Storytelling practices in second generation Vietnamese communities.

Svetlana Salatcaia

Dr Marie Stavenson

Avoidance of grammatical forms of Korean learners of English

Leighana Thornton   Dr Marie Stavenson Intertextual practices in academic writing 

Jennifer Tindale

Professor Brian Paltridge

The recontextualisation of professional knowledge in a postgraduate accounting program

Zuocheng Zhang

Professor Brian Paltridge

Business English education in China and the construction of professional identities

Yingxue (Salina) Zhong

Dr Hui Zhong Shen

Blog learning community as an alternative means for Chinese EFL teachers' professional development in ICT

Hua Zhong

Dr David Hirsh

The interface between receptive and productive vocabulary knowledge