Events in 2007

Research Festival 2007

Communities and Change: Research partnerships and collaborations in Education and Social Work

22–26 October 2007

The Research Festival is a week-long showcase event engaging researchers, policymakers and practitioners to explore key issues in education, social work and social policy. Please see the Festival's homepage for more information about the program of events, and presentations now available for download.

Colloquium in Higher Education

Higher Education Issues: Policy and Research

Semester 2, 2007

A monthly Colloquium series concerned with Higher Education Issues: Policy and Research. Please see the Colloquium's homepage for more information about session times and speakers.

Educational Psychology Mini Conference

4 & 5 October 2007

Download the program (word doc) for more information.

“Governing” Education: neoliberalism, performativity, choice and the chosen

2 October 2007

A research seminar sponsored by the Policy and Professional Practice Research Network.

Public Lecture - Professor John Furlong

Prof John Furlong

Universities and "Education": where are we, how did we get to be where we are, and where should we / might we be?

26 July 2007 5:30pm

What is the current contribution of Universities, in terms of research, teaching and scholarship, to the field of Education? Why is it that Education, as a University-based field of study, is shaped the way that it is? And what should or might the contribution of Universities be to the field in the future? In this lecture, John Furlong drew on his extensive research and practical experience in the field to address these challenging questions. Although drawing on the policy context of England, John argued that the lessons to be learned by addressing these questions have significance for us all.

Professor John Furlong was hosted by the school under the University’s prestigious International Visiting Fellowships program. This Public Lecture was part of his contribution to the school and the final event in his program of research collaboration at the University.