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Research Innovations in Arts, English & Literacy Education Symposium

Presented by the AELE Research Network

Wednesday 24 October 2007


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Venue: Holme Building
9:00 Registration

Keynote Address: Prof Jonothan Neelands, University of Warwick UK
English, Drama and Creativity: Innovations, Interplay and Possibilities

10:30 Morning Tea. Poster Presentations

Panel 1. Focus:The State of English: Where have we come from, where are we now and where are we going?
Chair: Dr Michael Anderson. Panel: Prof Paul Brock, Prof Peter Freebody, Prof Roslyn Arnold, Dr Simon Haines, Mr Don Carter, Dr Jackie Manuel

12:30 Lunch

Keynote Address: Prof Brad Haseman, Queensland University of Technology
Research Futures in English and Arts Education


Keynote Address: Mr Richard Sallis, University of Melbourne
The Drama of Boys download abstract

Panel 2. Focus: Arts, English and Boys' Education
Chair: Prof Paul Brock. Panel: Mr Richard Sallis, Dr Kerry-Ann O'Sullivan, Dr John Hughes, Mr Geoff Walker, Mr Richard Clarke

3:30 Afternoon Tea. Poster Presentations



Panel 3. Focus: Digital Technology, Creativity, English, Literacy and the Arts
Chair: Prof Peter Freebody. Panel: Prof Brad Haseman, Prof Jonothan Neelands, Dr Michael Anderson

5:00 Close

Keynote Speakers

Prof Jonothan Neelands

Professor Jonothan Neelands, University of Warwick, UK
Jonothan Neelands is Professor of Drama and Theatre Education and Director of Graduate Studies in the Institute of Education. He has worked as an L.E.A advisor for dance and drama and advisory teacher for drama and English and is an experienced trainer and workshop leader with a national and international reputation for delivering high quality professional training and development opportunities. He is the author of several texts for teachers and students, which have influenced the development of drama in recent years. His latest publication is Improving Your Primary School Through Drama.

Related Event: Masterclasses with Jonothan Neelands
22, 23, 24 October – Half-day workshops

Prof Brad Haseman

Professor Brad Haseman, Queensland University of Technology
Formerly a consultant in Queensland secondary schools and head of drama at QUT, Brad Haseman is well known as an author of Dramawise (Heinemann, Melbourne, 1987), which has been translated into Italian and Danish, and Communicate Live! (Heinemann, Melbourne, 1991). Prof Haseman has worked as a teacher and researcher for more than 30 years, during which time he has pursued a fascination with the aesthetics and forms of contemporary performance and education.

Richard Sallis MEd, University of Melbourne
Richard Sallis lecturers in drama/theatre education at the University of Melbourne where he is currently working on his PhD encapsulating his research interests of drama, gender, educational ethnography and ethnographic performance. His Masters of Education was based on the expression of multiple masculinities in drama classes at an all-boys’ independent school in Melbourne, Australia. Richard is the Director of International Liaison for Drama Australia and an active member of IDEA (International Drama/theatre and Education Association). He is an educational consultant of the Australian Script Centre and has written and directed a number of plays for performance to and by young people. His publications include journal articles on drama/theatre education. He is the co-author of the Acting Smart books, which are year twelve Drama and Theatre Studies textbooks in Victoria where Richard is the Chief Assessor for Theatre Studies - written examination, for the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).