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China Education Centre – Photo Exhibition & Research Forum

Photo Exhibition

Revisiting old China: Photographs by CP FitzGerald 1923-38

Wednesday 24 October, 3:00pm
Common Room, Level 4, Education Building

The images in this exhibition are from a collection of photographs taken by CP FitzGerald between 1923 and 1950 on his journeys throughout China.

The restoration, printing and documentation of the negatives was supported by the University of Sydney through a Sesquicentenary Research and Development Grant awarded to Mirabel FitzGerald in 2001.

Charles Patrick FitzGerald, who was born in England in 1902, and died in Sydney 90 years later, made a life-long study of China’s history and culture. He wrote social and cultural histories of China and made a distinguished academic contribution to Chinese studies in Australia over four decades.

A publication with photographs and essays to contextualise Fitzgerald’s scholarly work and the photographic archive, is to be published in 2007 funded by the Australia-China Council, who also supported the first translation into Chinese of CP FitzGerald’s last book, Why China? Recollections of China 1923-1950, published in 2004.

In 2006, both a Chinese translation and a new English edition, of CP FitzGerald’s The Tower of Five Glories, A Study of the Min Chia of Ta Li Yunnan, were published. Many previously unpublished photographs were included in the three new publications.

A Pictorial Book of CP FitzGerald’s Photographs of Yunnan, 1936-1938 was produced in 2006 by The Bai Nationality Cultural Institute of the Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province.

These publications have brought to fresh attention some of CP FitzGerald’s scholarly work accompanied by photographs from his archive. It is hoped that a comprehensive exhibition of his photographs can be held in both Australia and China to do justice to a unique collection of images.

Research Forum

Researching China: Postgraduate students from China discuss their current investigations in education and society

Wednesday 24 October, 4–6 pm
Rm 461, Education Building

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Introduction: Dr Rosita Holenbergh, Chair of The China Education Centre

Presentations by Research Students:

Jing Jin, Innovation in China's non-governmental Universities

Xuelai Jia, Representation of the self in college graduates seeking employment

On Kei Lee, Benevolence in the Hong Kong English Extensive Reading program

Jianxin Liu, Remediating Chinese lifestyle in blogs

Xingkui Zhang, The construction of masculinity in a rural Chinese community

Conclusion: Assoc Prof Anthony Welch, Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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