Research grants 2008

Research Grants - 2008 Archive

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  • Redesigning schools and school leadership: an Australian comparative case study
    Blackmore, J. A., & Hayes, D. N.
    ARC Discovery project: 2007–2009

  • Using machine learning and automated document analysis methods to support English composition training
    Calvo, R., Reimann, P., & Paltridge, B.
    ARC Discovery project: 2006–2008

  • Positive pathways to reading for disadvantaged children: identifying psychosocial antecedents and implementing effective intervention to enhance literacy, self-concept and motivation
    Craven, R. G., Martin, A. J., Vinson, T., Johnson, W. J., Slator, P., & Tracey, D.
    ARC Linkage project: 2006–2009

  • Disciplinarity and classroom practice: epistemological issues in the analysis and improvement of teaching and learning
    Freebody, P. R., Christensen, C. A., Bahr, N. M., & Wright, A. H.
    ARC Discovery project: 2006–2008

  • Transforming the technologies and modalities of learning: the case of the new life sciences in secondary schooling
    Freebody, P. R., Hedberg, J. G., Nichols, K. C., & Van Rooy, W. S.
    ARC Discovery project: 2007–2009

  • Blended learning in schools, TAFE and universities: experience, principles, patterns and practice
    Goodyear, P., Prosser, M. T., Ellis, R. A., Blackwell, S., & McNeill, M.
    ARC Linkage project; NSW Department of Education and Training (NSWDET): 2005–2008

  • Working from the ground up: a participatory approach to community regeneration in public housing neighbourhoods
    Irwin, J., Baldry, E., Vinson, T., & Goodwin, S.
    ARC Linkage project: 2008–2012

  • Towards better practice: enhancing collaboration between mental-health and domestic violence services
    Irwin, J. L., Laing, L., & Napier, L.
    ARC Linkage project; Fairfield & Liverpool Mental Health Service: 2005-2008

  • Rethinking timelines: a new methodology for describing and communicating history
    Johnson, I. R., Robertson, S. M., Reimann, P., & Mostern, R.
    ARC Linkage project: 2007–2011

  • AusAID at work: the design, delivery and impact of Australian aid to education in Asia and the Pacific
    Jones, P.
    ARC Linkage project; AusAID: 2007–2009

  • The well-rounded person: the role of sport in shaping physical, emotional and social development
    Lumby, C. A., Probyn, E. C., O'Dea, J. A., & Albury, K. M.
    ARC Discovery project: 2006–2010

  • Middle-years' transition, engagement and achievement in mathematics. The MYTEAM Project
    Martin, A., Bobis, J., Anderson, J., & Way, J.
    ARC Linkage project; Sydney Catholic Education Office: 2007–2010

  • Accessing the cultural conversation: investigating participation and non-participation of young people as audiences of live theatrical performances in Australia
    O'Toole, J. R., Burton, B. V., Ewing, R. A., O'Brien, A. M., Bundy, P. J., Donelan, K. J., Anderson, M. J., Hughes, J., Sinclair, C. E. & Jordan, N. A.
    ARC Linkage project: 2008–2012

  • Writing in the academy: the practice-based thesis as an evolving genre
    Paltridge, B., Starfield, S., & Ravelli, L.
    ARC Linkage project: 2007–2011

  • Comparative analysis of early-intervention programs for young children with autism
    Parmenter, T., Evans, D. G., Carter, M., Silove, N., & Williams, K.
    ARC Linkage project; Autism Association of NSW: 2005–2008

  • Designing for mobile learning in a technology museum
    Reimann, P., & Dong, A.
    ARC Linkage project: 2006–2008

  • Teaching effective 3D authoring in the middle-school years: multimedia grammatical design and multimedia authoring pedagogy
    Unsworth, L., & Thomas, A.
    ARC Linkage project; Australian Children's Television Foundation: 2008–2011

  • The Chinese knowledge diaspora and the international knowledge network – Australian and Canadian universities compared
    Welch, A. R., & Yang, R.
    ARC Discovery project: 2007–2009

  • Constituencies for welfare: public responses to Australia's new welfare state
    Wilson, S. A., & Meagher, G. A.
    ARC Discovery project: 2007–2008