Higher education

Around the world, systems of higher education confront many common challenges. One is the increasing commodification of education, under the pressure of economic globalisation and of rising demand for higher education combined with straitened budgets. Increasingly international competition is also driving a complex process of system fragmentation, as some public institutions are privatised and some institutions and staff are being channelled into either research or teaching intensive activity. Internationalisation is not only economic: students, staff, programs and administration are also becoming increasingly mobile, and therefore more socially and culturally diverse. Meanwhile, information and communication technologies and increasing diversity among students are transforming pedagogies. These developments make higher education systems a very rich field for research.

Researchers in this area include:

Mr Patrick Brownlee Senior Research Associate
Keywords: Research policy, globalisation, higher education, multiculturalism
Dr Kevin Laws Convenor, Developing Educational Professionals in Southeast Asia; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Organisational culture and change, Program evaluation, Organisational learning, Leadership, International education, Continuing professional development of teachers and teacher educators in Asia and Pacific region
Dr George Odhiambo Senior Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management; Research Progress Manager, Office of Doctoral Studies; Coordinator, Leadership & Management Program; Ethics Coordinator
Professor Anthony Welch Professor of Education
Keywords: international higher education, Australian education, comparative and international education, education and social policy, education and equality
Dr Rachel Wilson Research Methodology Coordinator; Faculty Advisor in Research Methodology; Senior Lecturer - Research Methodology / Educational Assessment & Evaluation
Ms Belinda Chambers Project Manager, Learning and Teaching; PhD Candidate (Sydney)
Professor Alison Elliott Chair in Early Childhood Education; Honorary Professor