Learning technologies and new media

Research on learning technologies and new media refers to theoretically grounded investigations into the design of learning environments that are enabled or mediated by a broad array of computational, representational, and collaboration technologies. Examples of these new types of learning environments include computer supported collaborative learning, virtual reality and 3D visualization systems, mobile devices, intelligent pedagogical agents, use of computers and other digital devices in classrooms, technology use in corporate training and out of school learning, and technology enabled delivery of courses. Research in this field also explores topics at the intersection of technology and education, such as instructional design, teacher education, and learning management.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Michael Anderson Associate Professor, Drama Teaching and Learning; Professor of Education
Keywords: Drama, arts, teachers, students film, youth culture
Dr Wayne Cotton Lecturer, Human Movement and Health Education; Director, Study Abroad; Program Director, Human Movement and Health Education; Senior Lecturer, Human Movement and Health Education
Keywords: experiential education, coaching, physical activity, ICT, learning designs, learning objects, web quests
Ms Kashmira Dave Ph.D. Student, CoCo Research Centre
Keywords: educational design,eLearning, ICT in education,Sci and Maths Education, Research in HE, T&L in HE
Dr Paul Ginns Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology; Research Progress Manager – Division of Doctoral Studies
Professor Peter Goodyear Professor, Education; Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo Research Centre); Australian Laureate Fellow
Professor Michael J. Jacobson Professor and Chair, Education; Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo); Deputy Director, Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education
Keywords: design of learning technologies, intelligent agent augmented virtual worlds, learning about complex systems, theoretical & methodological implications of complexity, knowledge transfer, conceptual change, agent-based modeling, computational social science
Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel Associate Professor, English Education; Convenor, Arts, English and Literacy Education Research Network (AELE); Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary English Education; Affiliate, Department of English, Faculty of Arts; Undergraduate Scholarships Committee; Program Director (MTeach, Secondary)
Dr Lina Markauskaite Senior Lecturer, eResearch, Centre for Research on Computer-supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo Research Centre); Research Progress Manager, Division of Doctoral Studies ; Thesis Examination and Progress Review Coordinator, Division of Doctoral Studies; Postgraduate Research Student Coordinator, Division of Doctoral Studies
Keywords: epistemic fluency, personal epistemology, knowledge work, teacher knowledge, design knowledge, ICT in education, ICT-enhanced social research methods, eResearch in education, social and epistemic shaping of eResearch
Associate Professor Donna O'Connor Associate Professor, Coach Education and PDHPE; Program Director (HMHE); Coordinator, BEd (HMHE) Honours, and MEd (Coach Education)
Keywords: coaching effectiveness, athlete development, youth sport coaching, coach learning, high performance sport
Ms Dorian Peters Educational Multimedia Design Coordinator, CoCo Research Centre; Creative Leader, Web and Interface Design for Learning
Keywords: interface design for learning (IDL), design for the learning experience, user experience, educational multimedia, positive computing, design for wellbeing
Professor Peter Reimann Professor of Education, CoCo Research Centre
Associate Professor Alyson Simpson Associate Professor, English and Literacy Education, Undergraduate and Graduate-entry programs; Associate Dean Undergraduate / Preservice (Student Welfare and Progress)
Keywords: children's literature, eLearning, visual literacy, blended learning, discourse analysis, pedagogy
Dr Louise Sutherland Senior Lecturer, Division of Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; Program Director, MTeach(Secondary); Co-ordinator Science Curriculum K-12
Dr Kate Thompson Senior Research Associate; Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Jennifer Way Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education; Associate Dean Undergraduate & Preservice Programs (Policies & Programs)
Keywords: mathematics, primary, technologies, engagement, pedagogy, teacher development
Mr Wai-Yat Wong Director, Digital Innovation & Knowledge Management; Principal Project Leader in Technology Enabled Learning and Practice; Honorary Associate
Keywords: Technology mediated Learning and Practice, the use of online video in teaching & learning and e-Research, mobile learning, collaborative learning, reflective learning, computational intelligence and knowledge technology
Mr David Ashe PhD candidate, CoCo Research Centre; Postgraduate Fellow (CoCo)
Mr Martin Parisio PhD candidate; Teacher of ICT in Education; Postgraduate Fellow; Teaching Assistant - Master of Learning Science and Technology; Faculty Learning Spaces Review Working Party Member
Keywords: Learning and teaching, educational design, teaching as design, higher education
Dr Jen Scott Curwood Senior Lecturer, English Education and Media Studies
Dr Lucila Carvalho Lecturer, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ms Polly Lai Research Associate; PhD candidate
Dr Robert MacCann Honorary Research Fellow