Learning, cognition and motivation

Learning, cognition, and motivation are key elements in educational development. Learning refers to the process of acquiring new and relatively enduring information, knowledge, and behaviour. Cognition refers to forms of knowing and awareness including thought, judgement, expectations, and attitude. Motivation refers to the impetus that gives purpose, energy, and direction to individuals' actions, and activities. Together, learning, cognition, and motivation--as well as the real world contexts in which these occur--are vital to our understanding of how to best promote the sustained and quality acquisition of important skills and attributes in learners; how to address core cognitive processes and thought repertoires to maximise engagement in learning and achievement; and, how to inspire learners to persist and engage with academic tasks in purposeful and well-directed ways.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Janette Bobis Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Keywords: mathematics education, teacher professional development, teacher knowledge, motivation and engagement in mathematics, mental computation
Dr Susan Colmar Program Director, School Counselling/School Psychology MTeach; Acting Associate Dean, Undergraduate/Graduate-entry (Policy & Programs); Senior Lecturer
Keywords: language and literacy assessments and interventions
Associate Professor David Evans Associate Professor, Special Education; Course Coordinator, MEd(Special and Inclusive Education); Director, Bachelor of Education Honours Program; Student Disability Liaison Officer
Keywords: Special education, inclusive education, universal design, literacy, numeracy
Dr Paul Ginns Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology; Research Progress Manager – Division of Doctoral Studies
Professor Peter Goodyear Professor, Education; Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo Research Centre); Australian Laureate Fellow
Professor Michael J. Jacobson Professor and Chair, Education; Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo); Deputy Director, Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education
Keywords: design of learning technologies, intelligent agent augmented virtual worlds, learning about complex systems, theoretical & methodological implications of complexity, knowledge transfer, conceptual change, agent-based modeling, computational social science
Professor Andrew Martin Professorial Research Fellow; Honorary Professor
Keywords: motivation, engagement, achievement, quantitative methods
Professor Peter Reimann Professor of Education, CoCo Research Centre
Dr Louise Sutherland Senior Lecturer, Division of Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; Program Director, MTeach(Secondary); Co-ordinator Science Curriculum K-12
Dr Kate Thompson Senior Research Associate; Postdoctoral Research Associate
Associate Professor Richard Walker Associate Professor in Educational Psychology; Co-ordinator, Master of Education (Educational Psychology)
Keywords: sociocultural, motivation, learning, identity, achievement
Dr Jennifer Way Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education; Associate Dean Undergraduate & Preservice Programs (Policies & Programs)
Keywords: mathematics, primary, technologies, engagement, pedagogy, teacher development
Honorary Senior Lecturer Lindy Woodrow Honorary Senior Lecturer in TESOL; Director, China Education Centre; Research Training Manager
Keywords: English-language learning, Confucian-heritage learners, second-language motivation, anxiety and self-beliefs, academic writing, international students
Mr David Ashe PhD candidate, CoCo Research Centre; Postgraduate Fellow (CoCo)
Ms Polly Lai Research Associate; PhD candidate
Professor Anne Burns Honorary Professor