Creative and performing arts

Research in creative and performing arts education examines the ways that drama, visual arts, music and film (media) learning and teaching occurs in schools and other settings. Key questions include how learners from diverse backgrounds engage in specific arts forms and how that engagement shapes their responses to other aspects of their lives. The relationship between arts and other key learning areas such as literacy, and the benefits of arts-enriched programs on academic achievement, are also of concern to researchers in this field.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Michael Anderson Associate Professor, Drama Teaching and Learning; Professor of Education
Keywords: Drama, arts, teachers, students film, youth culture
Professor Robyn Ewing AM Professor, Teacher Education and the Arts; Acting ProDean
Keywords: arts-informed inquiry, drama and critical literacy, primary curriculum, the arts and learning, early-career teachers
Dr Kelly Freebody Senior Lecturer, Drama, English, Teaching and Learning; Combined Degrees Coordinator; Program Director (BEd, Secondary Combined)
Keywords: Social justice, drama, literacy, ethnomethodology, socio-economic status
Dr Robyn Gibson Senior Lecturer, Visual & Creative Arts Education; Associate Dean, Undergraduate & Preservice programs; Director, Community Relations; Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Keywords: Creative & Visual Arts education, the Arts and learning, arts-informed inquiry
Dr John A Hughes Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Marianne Hulsbosch Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Arts-based learning and teaching, visual and creative arts, arts-based multicultural education