Mathematics and science

Mathematics and science education research is concerned both with the subject content in these disciplines and with exploring what students of all ages understand about mathematics and science, how they develop this understanding and how best to teach them. Some research explores content specific issues related to student’s understanding of simple and complex concepts in mathematics and science, or affective issues concerning student motivation and engagement in these disciplines. Research also investigates the impact of technology on student learning, as well as exploring the most effective ways to improve and sustain teacher professional learning.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Judy Anderson Associate Professor, Mathematics Education; Associate Dean Learning and Teaching; Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics
Keywords: mathematics, teacher professional development, teachers' beliefs and practices, student motivation and engagement, problem solving
Associate Professor Janette Bobis Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Keywords: mathematics education, teacher professional development, teacher knowledge, motivation and engagement in mathematics, mental computation
Ms Kashmira Dave Ph.D. Student, CoCo Research Centre
Keywords: educational design,eLearning, ICT in education,Sci and Maths Education, Research in HE, T&L in HE
Dr Rosita Holenbergh Honorary Associate
Keywords: Internationalisation, China Studies, science philosophy, policy and education, higher education
Associate Professor Armstrong Osborne Associate Professor, Science Education
Dr Christine Preston Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies; Associate Director Professional Experience (Primary); Lecturer Science Education; Lecturer Early Childhood Science; Program Director (BEd, Primary)
Keywords: Children's interpretation of science diagrams, K-12 science, early childhood science, primary curriculum, marine education, professional experience
Dr Louise Sutherland Senior Lecturer, Division of Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; Program Director, MTeach(Secondary); Co-ordinator Science Curriculum K-12
Dr Kate Thompson Senior Research Associate; Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Sue Gordon Honorary Senior Lecturer; Mathematics Learning Centre
Keywords: higher education, pedagogy, statistics education, student diversity, support in mathematics education
Professor Robert J. Tierney Honorary Professor
Keywords: Literacy education, research paradigms and rhetoric of science, assessment, professional development of educators, multimedia and cultural studies
Mr David Ashe PhD candidate, CoCo Research Centre; Postgraduate Fellow (CoCo)
Ms Polly Lai Research Associate; PhD candidate