Special and inclusive education

Research on special and inclusive education covers a wide range of topics exploring conceptual, theoretical, methodological and policy and practice issues. Research on special education includes evidence-based and effective teaching practices for literacy and numeracy, behaviour management and educational interventions for specific disabilities such as autism, blindness, physical disabilities, learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities. Research on inclusive education focuses on attitudinal research, teacher training and professional development, research with families, and development of inclusive practices and collaboration within and across schools and systems.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor David Evans Associate Professor, Special Education; Course Coordinator, MEd(Special and Inclusive Education); Director, Bachelor of Education Honours Program; Student Disability Liaison Officer
Keywords: Special education, inclusive education, universal design, literacy, numeracy
Mrs Cathy Little Lecturer, Special Education
Keywords: autism, teacher attitudes, social inclusion, early childhood, special education
Professor Trevor R. Parmenter AM Honorary Professor
Keywords: mental disorders, disabilities, social science, cognitive disorders, developmental psychology
Dr Ilektra Spandagou Senior Lecturer, Inclusive Education
Keywords: Inclusive education, social policy and social inclusion, disability studies, attitudes towards disability and inclusive education