Counselling, welfare and community services

This area brings together research focused on individual, family, group and community experiences and the relationships between them. One key theme is improving understandings of individual situations and experiences. Here, research draws on a range of psycho-social theories which aim to explore the relationships between individuals and their social environment, based on the understanding that this environment is made up of multiple, complex, interrelated systems with which individuals may have varying levels of engagement. Emphasis is given to improving understandings and knowledge of individual behavior during the life course, the exploration of social relationships and the effectiveness of specific modes of service delivery and interventions.

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Dorothy Bottrell Senior Lecturer, Teaching and Learning; Co-ordinator B.Ed (Secondary) Honours; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: resilience, schools and communities, youth work, social justice, juvenile justice, social policy
Dr Rosalie Pockett Senior Lecturer, Social Work and Policy Studies; Ethics Adviser, Research Division; Research Progress Manager, Division of Doctoral Studies; Program Director, Bachelor of Social Work; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: practice based research, health inequalities, interprofessional education, critical reflection and practice
Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne Associate Professor, Community Development; Faculty Coordinator, Postgraduate Coursework; Convenor, Master of Policy Studies; Convenor Social Work & Policy Studies