Violence against women and children

Research in this area is undertaken from a feminist perspective. It is aimed at producing knowledge that increases our understanding of the impact of violence in women’s and children’s lives and that can contribute to practice and policy to enhance the lives of women and children who live or have lived with violence. Research topics include: violence and the law, post separation violence, sexual assault against women and children, integrated responses to violence, and the intersections of violence with other factors such as age, sexuality, poverty, race, ethnicity, religion and geographical location.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Jude Irwin Emerita Professor of Social Work and Social Justice, Social Work and Policy Studies
Associate Professor Lesley Laing Associate Professor, Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; A/Program Director, BSW; A/Associate Dean, UGPS (Student Welfare & Progression); Program Director (MSW, Q); Program Director (BSW)
Dr Denise Lynch Coordinator, Postgraduate Coursework, Social Work and Policy Studies; Honorary Senior Lecturer; Program Co-director, MSW(Qualifying)
Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne Associate Professor, Community Development; Faculty Coordinator, Postgraduate Coursework; Convenor, Master of Policy Studies; Convenor Social Work & Policy Studies
Ms Cherie Toivonen Senior Researcher
Associate Professor Fran Waugh Associate Professor Social Work and Policy Studies; Acting Associate Dean Academic Programs ; Pro Dean; Acting Dean