Research data management

University policy requires that all research projects have a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). The policy applies to University staff, Masters by Research and PhD students and affiliates.

An RDMP will prompt you to consider what research data you will produce, how much data you will generate, where the data will be stored, if there are any ethical or privacy issues relating to your data, retention periods for data and what you will do with your data once the project is finished.

RDMPs are submitted online using the RDMP tool (UniKey login). It is a good idea to use the RDMP checklist prior to submitting your RDMP as this will help you think critically about your data.

Research students should list their supervisor as the Lead Chief Investigator on their RDMP. If the Lead Chief Investigator is an honorary, email for assistance.

The Research Data Management website provides information about University resources available to assist with data storage and access, and establishing any rights to future use of data and published material. For upcoming information and training sessions, see Training and resources.