Data resources / archives

CDATA (ABS) provides access to all ABS census data that is available online. Census data is available based on your selected location and topic of interest, and can be viewed in different formats including thematic maps or tables. You can search for data based primarily on your selected location or topic, or you can go straight to one of the online tools to access data in the format you need.

  • CDATA Online allows you to create your own tables of Census data on a range of topics such as, age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity, occupation and more.
  • QuickStats - provide a summary of key Census data relating to persons, families and dwellings. QuickStats cover general topics about your chosen location and includes Australian data to allow comparison.
  • MapStats - provide thematically mapped Census statistics for your chosen location. The maps illustrate the distribution of selected population, ethnicity, education, family, income, labour force, and dwelling characteristics.
  • Census Tables - are designed for clients who are interested in data on a specific topic. Census Tables provide individual tables of Census data for a chosen location in excel format.
  • Community Profiles - are available as six distinct profiles of key Census characteristics relating to persons, families and dwellings, and covering most topics on the Census form for your chosen location.

Other collections and catalogues of accessible computer readable data in the social sciences and humanities from individual researchers as well as academic, government and private organisations made available for further analysis:

Australian National Data Service (ANDS) has a number of online services to support data intensive research. ANDS aims to transform the disparate collections of research data around Australia into a cohesive collection of research resources. The services allow you to register descriptions of your research data. These descriptions are then published in a number of discovery environments. ANDS is funded by the Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR).

SSDA Data Archives The Social Science Data Archives (Australian National University) holds computer-readable data relating to social, political and economic affairs and includes a Special Interest Collection.

Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) promotes the acquisition, archiving and distribution of electronic data for social science teaching and research in Europe.

Social Science Data Archives is a comprehensive listing of all sociology resources on the Internet. Based at the University of Amsterdam, this site is designed to provide access to information and resources relevant to sociologists and other social scientists.

Policy Online includes research policy documents on code of conduct for responsible research practice, guidelines for dealing with allegations of research misconduct, authorship and location of data forms.