Field education placement dates


Illness or misadventure before or during Field Education placement

Students who suffer illness or misadventure or any incident or circumstance for which they need to make special arrangements affecting the scheduling of their Field Education placement/s, should seek advice from the coordinator responsible for their placement.

Bachelor of Social Work

In the four-year, undergraduate Bachelor of Social Work program, students undertake two field placements, the first of which,
for students who are full time, occurs in Semester Two of Year 3.

  • First placement – Field Education 1 (SCWK3005)
    60 days, (Tuesday 8 August 2017 – Friday 17 November 2017) in Year 3.
    Compulsory pre-placement seminar Monday 7 August 2017, 9am–4pm.

  • Second placement – Field Education 2A (SCWK4005) and 2B (SCWK4006)
    80 days, (Tuesday 4 April 2017 – Friday 4 August 2017) in Year 4.
    Compulsory pre-placement seminar Monday 3 April 2017, 9am–4pm.

Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

In the two-year, graduate-entry Master of Social Work (Qualifying) program, students undertake two field placements: