Assistance and forms

Settling in

Are you a first year student? These pages provide lots of information and useful links related to the faculty's mentoring program for first-year students.


This page provides downloads of faculty-administration forms, including applications for course credit and special consideration, as well as cover sheets for assignments.

Academic skills and English

Need help with academic skills or English? This page can help.


Links on this page lead directly to undergraduate, MTeach and postgraduate timetables.


Download copies of the current undergraduate and postgraduate handbooks.

Libraries and computer-access labs

Information about libraries and computer labs available to Education and Social Work students.


This page provides links to all relevant University and faculty policy documents and websites.


Information about student societies in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work.

How to...

This page lists the steps involved in particular administrative procedures in the faculty, for example, applying for credit or special consideration, or to suspend studies.

Useful links

This page contains dozens of useful links for Education and Social Work students, including teacher salaries, professional associations and teacher resources.