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Degree progression, permission to waive prerequisites, special consideration, and variations of enrolment are among the situations sometimes faced by students. Below is information outlining the forms that may be needed for these procedures, as well as an outline of what else is required.

The faculty's policy document, colloquially known as the The Little Blue Book (pdf, 1.10MB), has been revised and is available for direct download. It is the 'single source of truth' regarding all faculty-determined matters of program administration and progression affecting students.

Suspension of studies

Suspension of studies (sometimes referred to as deferment) may be granted to undergraduate students and students enrolled in the graduate-entry Master of Teaching course, usually for a period of one year (two semesters). Suspensions of only one semester are not permitted.

A suspension of studies may be granted because of travel, money, family or health reasons.

Suspensions cannot be granted to students wishing to undertake other study.

How to apply

  1. Log into Sydney Student.

  2. Go to the 'My Studies' tab and under the 'Course Details' section fill out and submit the request for suspension of studies form.

  3. You will be notified of the result or of any further required action.

Credit for previous studies

Credit may be given for previous study at The University of Sydney or other tertiary institutions.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work course may be granted credit for successfully completed study at TAFE colleges and other non-university institutions. For more information regarding the granting of credit for the Bachelor of Social Work course, please see the Bachelor of Social Work Future Students page.

Students enrolled in education courses are not usually granted credit for study completed at TAFE colleges or other non-university institutions.

The maximum amount of undergraduate credit granted must not exceed half of the degree requirements, for example, no more than 96 credit points may be granted for a four-year degree.

Students seeking to determine if any Unit of Study they have completed previously is equivalent to a Unit of Study offered by the faculty, will need to compare the official descriptions published by respective course providers. Faculty staff cannot do this for students. It is each student's responsibility to determine the units for which they may be entitled to receive credit.

Master of Social Work (Qualifying) students are eligible to receive advanced credit by either (a) recognition of prior learning (RPL) through work experience, or (b) relevant academic units of study completed previously. As not all previously studied postgraduate units are eligible for credit within the Master of Social Work (Qualifying) program, please contact the program administrator for assistance.

How to apply

  1. Access the Arts and Social Sciences handbook entry of any Unit of Study for which you would like to gain credit.

  2. Obtain Unit of Study descriptions for the units you have studied elsewhere. These can usually be found in the appropriate handbook or by contacting your previous university. The description will usually need to contain details of the unit content, the credit point value and the contact hours.

  3. Log into Sydney Student.

  4. Go to the 'My Studies' tab and under the 'Course Details' section fill out and submit the application for credit and/or recognition for prior learning form.

  5. If your application for credit is successful you must complete the acceptance task in Sydney Student for your request to be completed.

Assignment extension

Students who are unable to submit an assessment task on time due to circumstances beyond their control, may apply for "simple extension" or "special consideration".

Students seeking an extension before the due date need to apply for simple extension. Simple extensions will normally be granted parsimoniously. They will be granted in terms of working days (not including weekends or public holidays), and will not extend beyond two working days.

Retrospective extensions or extensions for more than two working days can only be granted to students who apply formally for special consideration via Student Administrative Services.

Special permission

Special permission must be sought by students:

  • to enrol in an education or social work Unit of Study without the required prerequisites or co-requisites

  • to enrol in more than 24 credit points in one semester

  • to enrol in an out-of-pattern Unit of Study, for example, enrolling in a third-year unit during the second year of your course

  • for other miscellaneous reasons that require faculty approval.

How to apply

  1. Log in to Sydney Student.

  2. Go to the 'My Studies' tab and under the 'Units of Study' section, click through to 'Other options' and follow the steps for applying for special permission.

  3. You will be notified of the result or of any further required action.

Illness or misadventure before or during Professional Experience or Field Education

Students who suffer illness or misadventure or any incident or circumstance for which they
need to make special arrangements affecting the scheduling of their Professional Experience or Field Education placement/s, should seek advice from the Office of Professional
(for teacher education students) or from the relevant Field Education coordinator
(for Social Work students).

Special consideration and special arrangements

Applications for special consideration and special arrangements are managed by the University’s Student Administration Services (SAS). The SAS web pages provide information about eligibility for special arrangements or consideration, supporting documentation and how to apply online.