Application for After-Hours Building Access

Important: You must be a current Research Higher Degree student in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work to be eligible for after-hours access. Information you provide here will be checked against University records to ensure the validity of your application.

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After-hours Access Details

Terms & Conditions

Access cards and/or codes issued to authorised building users may only be used by the authorised building user and must not, by act of negligence or otherwise, be made available to any other person(s).

Access cards and/or codes may only be used to enter areas authorised by the Dean/Head of School.

After-hours entry/exit to/from buildings A35 and A36 must be made via the designated after-hours doors (except in case of emergency).
These doors are:

SPACEA35 level 3 Eastern door (facing Manning house)
SPACEA36 Level 2 Northern door (facing Old Teachers College Building)