Application for a Laptop

Important: You must be a current full-time Research Higher Degree student in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work to be eligible for a Windows (IBM-Compatible) laptop.

Information you provide here will be checked against University records to ensure the validity of your application.

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Name & Contact Details

Special Requirements


All laptops are Windows (IBM-Compatible). If you need an Apple Mac, please specify the reason(s) and we will consider your request.

If you have special needs, due to a medical condition or disability, please provide us with the details. You may be asked to provide supporting documentation to help us find the best way to assist you. Alternatively, please contact the (phone 9351 6268).

Terms and conditions


You will be notified via email when your laptop is ready for pick-up.

Download Terms and Conditions on laptops issued for HDRS. (pdf, 159KB)

Please be aware that if you do not submit your application prior to the census date, you may not receive your laptop this semester.