Master of Teaching timetables

The document below provides an overview of classes in the Master of Teaching and should be used as a guide only. Enrolled students should download a personal timetable from the MyUni website for the latest information.


Typical timetables

All students receive a personal timetable for the units of study in which they are enrolled each semester. In order to be allocated to seminar and tutorial groups, enrolled students must download a personal timetable from the MyUni website each semester. Semester One timetables are generally available from mid-February; Semester Two timetables are available from Week 1 of the Semester One examination period. Published below are downloadable typical draft timetables for each MTeach designation. With the exception of the Year 1 Primary Timetable, which is for 2018, all the timetables were applicable for 2017 only. Each one, including Year 1 Primary, is merely indicative for 2018 and should not be relied upon by students as a timetable of personal lessons.



School Counselling

Early Childhood

Health and Physical Education