Professional Research Project and Post-Internship Conference

The pre-project briefing for the each year's Professional Research Project is held in late June. The conference generally begins at 9am and concludes at 4pm. Further details will be published on this page nearer to the time of the briefing.

The post-internship conference is generally held in late September for MTeach candidates in primary and secondary teaching programs (including counselling). The conference for MTeach (Early Childhood) students is scheduled separately.

Full details of the assessment requirements for Early Childhood candidates undertaking their professional research project and conference can be found in the EC Professional Research Project (EDMT6010) outline. Assessment requirements for candidates enrolled in all other all other MTeach streams are described under the Professional Research Project (EDMT6012) outline. The Learning Management Site for these units of study has been opened.

The internship

Full details of the Master of Teaching final-semester internship, including download links to the Internship and Professional Experiences handbooks, are published in the Professional Experiences section. Links to the Unit of Study descriptions for each MTeach designation are provided below.