Applications for Education honours programs

Submitting your application

Eligible students may apply for the honours program during Semester One of their penultimate year of study. This means students enrolled in four-year degrees can apply in Semester One, Year 3. Students enrolled in five-year combined degrees can apply in Semester One, Year 4.

To apply for honours, students must:

  1. Find a proposed research topic and supervisor.

  2. Complete a statement of intent, discussing what you would like to research.

  3. Complete the application form below.

  4. Lodge your application form (signed by your proposed supervisor) and your statement of intent at the Education and Social Work Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support, Room 307, Education Building.

Applications must be lodged by 4pm on the Friday of Week 10, Semester One.

Application form

Assessment of applications

Honours applications are assessed on the basis of:

  • the availability of a suitable supervisor

  • an honours entrance Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 75+

The number of honours students in any course may be capped, depending on the number of students applying; in all cases, students will be offered places from highest to lowest WAM. Therefore, finding an supervisor and achieving the required WAM does not guarantee entry.

Calculating your honours-entry WAM

The information below is provided for students wishing to calculate their own honours-entry weighted average mark. Students in the programs specified must achieve a weighted average mark of at least 75 across the units listed in the column relating to the teacher-education program in which they are enrolled, (with the units in the bottom row weighted double).

BEd (Early Childhood) BEd (Primary) BEd (HPE) BEd (Secondary), BA/BSc
Units of study with weight = 1

Semester One
EDUF2006, EDEC2003, EDEC2004

Semester One
EDUF2006, EDUP2002, EDUP2004, EDUP2006, EDUP2007

Semester One
EDUF2006, EDHP2001

Semester One
Curriculum 1A, Curriculum 1B

Semester Two
EDUF2007, EDEC2001

Semester Two
EDUF2007, EDUP2005, EDUP2008, EDUP2009

Semester Two
EDUF2007, EDHP2003, EDHP2005

Semester Two
EDSE3082, EDSE4044, Curriculum 2A, Curriculum 2B

Units of study with weight = x 2

EDUF3031, EDEC3001, EDEC3002, EDEC3003

EDUF3031, EDUP3001, EDUP3002, EDUP3003, EDUP3008

EDUF3031, EDHP3001, EDHP3002, Curriculum 1

EDSE4051, EDSE4052, Curriculum 3A, Curriculum 3B