Education honours FAQs

Q. What is the best way to choose a topic?

Q. How do I make an ethics application?

Q. Where can I find the deadlines for submission of ethics forms and where can
I find the correct templates?

Q. When will I be told whether my application for admission into the BEd(Honours)
program has been successful?

Q. Is there a format or template that must be used to write my honours thesis?

Q. Are there guidelines for when I should aim to complete certain aspects of my
honours thesis, including data collection, analysis and drafts?

Q. Is there any help available for statistical analysis of honours projects?

Q. How much support is my supervisor supposed to give?

Q. What is the final submission date for the honours report?

Q. What is the weighting of the final report towards our final honours mark?

Q. What are the gradings for honours?