Education 1 units of study

Semester One Semester Two

Education, Teachers and Teaching (EDUF1018)

Human Development and Education (EDUF1019)

Education 1 is designed to help students begin their professional journey in education in general, and teaching in particular. It comprises two units of study, one of which is completed in each semester.

In Semester One, Education, Teachers and Teaching (EDUF1018) integrates the themes of knowledge, culture and the curriculum; teaching as a process and way of life; and, teachers as lifelong learners and researchers. In Semester Two, Human Development and Education (EDUF1019) focuses on the processes and products of cognitive, emotional, social, moral, motor and language development in childhood and adolescence.

The study of education forms the basis of sound practice as a teacher and educator. True educators know not only ‘what to do’ as professionals, but ‘why it is done’. For professional educators, theory and practice should continually inform one another.

Education 1 is compulsory for all first-year education students undertaking a Bachelor of Education degree. Dr Remy Low is the First Year Experience coordinator. He organises a number of mentoring and social events each year for first-year students. These assist many students in making the transition into the school and University.

Advice about and assistance in the Education 1 program is available from Dr Low, individual tutors, or the Education Studies director, Associate Professor Deb Hayes.