Education 2 units of study

Semester One Semester Two

Educational Psychology (EDUF2006)

Social Perspectives on Education (EDUF2007)

Education Exchange (EDUF2553)

Education Exchange (EDUF2553)

Education 2 is designed to help students add to their developing knowledge base in education studies as they begin their professional journeys in education in general, and teaching in particular. The program comprises two units of study, Educational Psychology (EDUF2006) and Social Perspectives on Education (EDUF2007). EDUF2006 addresses issues such as the process and motivation of learning. EDUF2007 examines policy making and the political economy and sociology of education. Knowledge of these areas is crucial because it enables to students to come to grips with the social and political significance and context of teaching. Advice or assistance in any part of the Education 2 program is available from individual tutors as well as the Education 2 coordinators. Department permission is required to enrol in Education Exchange (EDUF2553) in either semester.